Account Services

Extend Your Business Office Capabilities

BloomPayment offers a full suite of outsourcing solutions with levels to accommodate your business office needs. 

Call Center Support


Level 1: Friendly Outbound Contact

Deliver additional outreach to your patients without having to undergo significant integration with your billing systems. 


Level 2: Inbound Support

Increase the level of your customer service and availability to augmenting your business offices inbound calls. 


Level 3: System & Payment Integrations

Full business office call center support, to include billing systems and payment integration 

Billing Statements & Letters


First Party Collection Letters


Billing Statements


Payment Lockbox & Mail Return Processing

Process Automation


Process Automation

Fill the gaps not being met by your existing systems. BloomPayment has the ability to automate just about any business office task through our AI and automation capabilities. 


Manual Data Entry

BloomPayment provides business office data entry support for converting paper or scans into electronic format or directly into your systems.